How Bunk Beds Save Space Effectively

Bunk beds have been in use for quite a long time in many forms, and these have succeeded to acquire the bedrooms and hearts of many people for generations. It’s quite fun and exciting to sleep with best friends or cousins or siblings and gossip the night away when you should have been sleeping.

In recent times, contemporary beds come in a varied range of designs, shapes and materials. But when these beds began their journey, they were simple, two boxy, same sized and shaped, settled on top of one another. But today, these beds are more of an art. There are beds are made using expensive wooden materials like maple or walnut, and some are made of iron and other metals and designed with myriad colours and decorations. So today’s bunk beds provide something more than just being a bed to sleep on; they save a lot of floor space and act as a decorative home piece.

Different Types of Bunk Beds

Today these beds have become a reflector of style and personality of a particular person and therefore, so many of beds have evolved. The most popular types are:

  • Wooden single beds.
  • Metallic single beds.
  • L shaped beds.
  • Study and loft beds.
  • Beds with under bed storage.
  • King sized single bed made from metal and wood.
  • Trio beds.
  • Space saver beds.
  • Triple bedding with trundle beds.

All of these beds are suitably priced and come in an endless variety of designs and forms for every specific need.

Benefits of Bunk Beds

If suddenly a guest comes to stay for a few days, it becomes very difficult for the homeowner to manage space. There may not be enough space to fit another bed, but you will also have to ensure that your guest gets a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, bunk beds use the space vertically and allow comfortable sleeping for everyone. These are commonly used by parents who have kids, as they can keep their children in the same room without having to buy furniture for separate rooms.

Some people consider purchasing bed frames made of hardwood  because of their longevity. So they provide the night’s repose to not only children but also to guests who want to stay overnight.

Generally, these types of beds are framed for twin beds vertically, but the contemporary ones come with compartments for mattress built on the sides of the beds. So, if you as a homeowner want a cost-effective way to make arrangements for many people sleeping in a room, then these beds would be your perfect choice as they provide cheaper options to sleep than a regular bed can do.

Safety Tips

If you allow your kids to sleep on the bunk beds, then you must take necessary precautions to ensure their safety. Bunk beds should be placed in a corner, preferably with walls on two sides. This helps to brace the bunks and cuts two out of four sides from which a child can fall. Ensure that the top mattress fits tightly within the bed frame and doesn’t ride over the sides. You should also attach a ladder and fit a night lamp so that your kids can see it. Finally, to avoid the possibility of falling and weakening of the frame, you should never let your child jump over the bed.