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Seal Rocks Accommodation for A Serene Vacation

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Travellers who just love the various tourist attractions in Sydney should consider exploring this sleepy town that is only 310 kilometres away but which evoke feelings of welcome isolation. Don’t worry because despite the laidback ambiance of this destination, you will find an ideal seal rocks accommodation where you can spend the rest of your vacation exploring the beautiful beaches in the north coast.

Blueys Retreat is only three hours away from Sydney by land, a minimal investment in time compared to the prospect of waking up in paradise the next day. This is hands down the perfect holiday accommodation pacific palms in this corner of the world. If you want to escape from city life while enjoying the modern amenities that life has to offer then this is the best option for you.

Accommodation and Amenities

Your seal rocks accommodation will give you unlimited access to Blueys Beach, a popular destination for surfers and beach lovers because of its clear waters and white sand. But if you would rather enjoy a lazy afternoon on the beach, you can simply watch out for the dolphins or wait for the beautiful sunset while lounging on the sand. After all, your location is only a short drive away to the Seven Mile Beach, Shelley Beach and other beaches.

seal rocks accommodation
seal rocks accommodation

This accommodation has a triple-A tourism rating so you are assured of quality rooms and amenities. There are many properties to choose from at this seal rocks holiday accommodation including the following:

  1. The Heron

This is a two-story structure that can accommodate up to six guests in its three bedrooms. It has the basic amenities needed by long-staying guests such as a kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, oven and even cookware and glassware. Entertainment such as television and DVD player is also provided.

  1. The Rosella

This two-storey luxury duplex has three bedrooms that can accommodate up to six guests. It also comes with basic amenities including a kitchen, cookware and entertainment gadgets.

  1. The Kookaburra & the Robin

This is a two-storey structure with two bedrooms that can accommodate up to four guests. It also comes with a kitchen, living area and everything that a guest would need to feel at home even for weeks.

This seal rocks accommodation is the ideal destination for couples and even for families who want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With self-contained homes, visitors can enjoy some privacy and family time even without worrying about buying expensive food or getting their laundry done. After all, the homes have modern kitchens, laundry area, barbecue facilities and a garden.

Guests can opt for the beach, the swimming pool or the heated spa. Don’t worry about your exercise regimen because there is a tennis court where you can sweat it out with the gang. It is also easy to keep in touch with the outside world as the resort has free wireless internet.

You can also eat out thanks to the in-house Kingfisher Restaurant which serves delicious food like salmon, tuna tartare, oysters and crabs and a variety of salads and pastries for the sweet tooth. What more can you ask for? Visit for more amazing infos.

6 Sensational Benefits of Staying In a Phuket Resort and Spa

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Have you just arrived in Phuket for leisure or business and looking for a perfect place to stay, relax your muscles and have fun? Consider staying in a Phuket resort and spa. Unlike in other forms of accommodation, you will surely memories that will last a lifetime when staying in a resort and spa. A resort is a one-stop-shop, you get everything on site – lodging, food, drinks, shopping, entertainment and sports. In a resort and spa, you get complete relaxation of your mind, body and soul, the spa makes it possible.

When weighing your accommodation options, you might be caught in a dilemma considering the great array of options available. But, below are enough reasons to stay in a Phuket resort and spa:

True Promise of Fun and Adventure

Staying in a resort and spa is a sure guarantee of having a unique experience and fun adventure. There is something for everyone in resorts. They cater for people from different walks of lives, cultures, religions, the young and the old. There is plenty to choose from when it comes to resorts, and it all depends with what you are looking for. If you want to experience total relaxation, a Phuket resort and spa will do it for you.

Endless Activities

You can never get bored when staying in a resort because the activities are simply endless. Most resorts are strategically located near famous attractions which provide guests with a wide range of activities. These activities include hiking, biking, water sports, golf and skiing.

Wellness Packages

A resort and spa is a true promise of body and soul rejuvenation. The spa treatments which are based on the ancient Thai medical theory will ensure restoration of your spirit and body back to a healthy state of balance. On top of that, the spa package might include other physical fitness activities as well as nutritional education.

Everything is Available Onsite

Your resort and spa might provide everything you need, you might not have to leave the place during the entire time of your stay. You’ll find a restaurant, bar, library, internet café, tour desk and fitness center inside the resort. Most spas also provide medical services and laundry services inside the facilities. Having everything onsite provides the perfect opportunity to escape from the hustles and bustles of everyday life.

Children Facilities

Resorts are designed with families in mind. When traveling with your family, your kids won’t feel left out in the fun since there is a package for them as well. Your resort will have activities for children of all ages, kids club, and toys as well as children swimming pool. This will ensure that you spend quality time with your spouse as the kids are occupied with their fun activities.

Complimentary Shuttle Services

You don’t have to hire a car when staying in a resort and spa because they provide transportation to and from the airport and around the local attractions. This is done at an incredibly reduced cost as compared to hiring a car. So, you end up saving some cash on transportation and parking costs.

Where to Find Top Luxury Hotels in Asia

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There are thousands of places that you can head to if you are looking for the best luxury travel experiences in Asia. Asia offers so many choices that it will simply make your senses explode. You won’t explore the whole of it in a lifetime because there is so much you can take in here especially if you are looking for luxury travel hunts. It is a continent of great variety and contrasts, from its futuristic cities to the ancient villages. One of the best ways to discover the true essence of Asia while still travelling and enjoying your accommodation in a luxurious setting is by opting for the luxury boutique hotels in Asia.

They are the best if you are looking for great luxury travel experiences in Asia. Their local flavor will take you into the spiritual aspect of Asian travel and they also allow you to discover and explore the local culture in a way that you will not be able to in your conventional international hotel chain.

Luxury travel experiences in Asia can take you across the breadth and expanse of Asia with its villages, cities, temples, shrines and most importantly, its people. There are great ancient wonders to explore here ranging from those on the beaten path such as the Great Wall of China or even the temples of the Angkor to those that are off the beaten path. In the recent years, new luxury travel destinations have opened up their secrets, wonders and comforts in places such as Laos, Myanmar, and Nepal. Add this to the traditional luxury hunts in places such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan and you have a fairly rich menu to explore.

If you love the modern Asian city flavor, you can head to places such as Singapore and Hong Kong which have a rich menu of fashion, culture and business. You could also explore the spectacular natural wonders and historical heritage of Asia in places such as South East Asia and India. Al across these destinations, the landscape brims with vibrancy and energy that is guaranteed to captivate any traveler.

Then there is the Asian flavor. Whichever country that you travel to, there is always a great new cuisine to discover. Some of these are famous the world over. During your travels in Asia, you can get to experience and taste these first-hand. Many of the Asian luxury resorts and book hotels serve many of these cuisines, but you can also venture out a little bit and eat out in order to discover some of the local treats.  Outside hotels, you can get some authentic Asian cuisines which have not been prepared to “tourist tastes” and it is also a great way to get a very up close experience with the local people and culture.

The best experiences, however, are to be heard in the various luxury boutique hotels in Asia, each of which tells a story. In every Asian city, there are those unique luxury boutiques tucked somewhere which will go the extra mile to make your experience both worthwhile and memorable.