Find The Best KIA Servicing in Brisbane

The automotive world is moving at a faster pace as the consumer market and its distinctive tastes evolve rapidly. Top automobile companies vie to capture the market with their new models. The market is really very competitive since there are models in every budget and range – from small cars to SUVs. A very promising name in automobiles is the South Korean company, Kia motors. In Australia, you can find some of the best KIA deals at the Toowong Brisbane KIA dealer. This dealer keeps new KIA Brisbane cars as well as used cars and offers servicing as well as repairs.

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As Australia’s leading Brisbane KIA dealers, it has many KIA models on display, both new and used. You can make a selection by test driving your preferred model. Toowong KIA is a reliable name for the Brisbane new KIA cars servicing. The company has proper electronic diagnostic equipment as well as specialised tools and guidelines to follow the service procedure as per KIA standard. They use all genuine, original parts therefore your car is in safe care. The service ensures increased efficiency of your car. The service at the Brisbane KIA dealer is conducted by trained technicians who are specialists in servicing and repairing these car models.

There are many advantages that you will get when you use this trusted dealership. First and foremost, Toowong KIA Brisbane are authorised dealers of KIA motors and hence a trusted place to buy or service your vehicles with a great degree of confidence. Secondly, they have many considerations for the customers like a courtesy bus service that takes you back in town after you drop off your car for servicing. The company also offers a replacement vehicle in order to ease your troubles of transportation while the car is being serviced. However, you need to book this service with prior appointment. The service centre has a waiting lounge with tea, coffee, cold drinks as well as internet access and TV to keep you entertained and occupied during the vehicle servicing.

To prolong the running life of your car, it is advisable to have a scheduled servicing routine as per the company’s specifications. All new KIA vehicles follow a service routine of 15,000 km or 12 months cycle, whichever comes first. This scheduled servicing increases the efficiency of the engine and ensures a smooth ride.

It is always recommended to learn more about your vehicle instead of memorizing the general guidelines for maintenance. For example, all vehicles do not have the same run and utility. Thus, the usage as well as wear and tear depend upon the conditions under which the vehicle runs. Here are some guidelines to consider before taking your vehicle for servicing:

· Vehicles with diesel engine require servicing more often than petrol variants.

· Extended period of vehicle run under extreme climatic conditions, either too hot or too cold.

· Constant driving at high speed

· Regular short drives.

· Driving in a very dusty or sandy environment.

· Exerting load on engine by pulling trailer or a caravan.

· Crossing water or marshy terrain in 4 Wheel Drive.

In order to increase the vehicle’s life-span, regular servicing and timely repairs are essential. As far as KIA models are concerned, no one will take better care of your vehicle than ToowongKia Brisbane. The normal service charges are from $129. However, certain conditions of the vehicle may demand extra expense. So to book a service appointment, give a ring on 1300 853 798. You can also book a service online on